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St Petersburg Short Sales | I already feel better about my situation.

Trust me, as a Short Sale Realtor here in St Petersburg Florida I have seen a lot of homeowners totally stressed out about their Short Sale situation.

Let’s be honest, it is only human nature to stick our heads in the sand when we face a problem that we do not know the solution for.
The longer we do this the worst the situation gets and the more frustrated, depress and confused we get.  


Deep down we all know that listing the house or condo as a Short Sale here in St Petersburgis the right thing to do but somehow we wait and wait and wait to make the decision and that doesn’t solve our problem, it makes it bigger and makes us feel worst by the day.

Every single time we met with a homeowner here in St Petersburg that just could not make the mortgage payments anymore, was under water with the home value and was thinking about a Short Sale, we saw the same thing.

  • People in denial,
  • people not really understanding a Short Sale,
  • people afraid of their future
  • people in need of help.

After we answered all their questions and explained the whole Short Sale process and they signed the listing agreement, they INSTANTLY feel better, it happens every single time.  

Talking to a Short Sale Realtor that understands your situation and know the real estate market in St Petersburg will make all the difference for you.  



Pick up the phone, call us today  727 410 7777 and get all the information you need to make an educated decision.  
Do not listen to all the horror stories you hear or try to do your own research, simply pick up the phone, make an appointment and talk to a
St Petersburg Realtor that has experience in Short Sales and we promise, you will feel like a huge load is off your shoulders.

St Petersburg Short Sales | I already feel better about my situation.

Saint Petersburg Short Sales | should I do a Bankruptcy or Short Sale.

It might sound like a tough questions to some people, to us it isn’t.
Please keep in mind,we are Short Sale Realtors here in
Saint Petersburg and not lawyers or accountants, so we cannot give you legal advice but PLEASE check with your accountant and a Short Sale lawyer before you file for bankruptcy.  

As Saint Petersburg Short sale agents we get the question often

“Do you think I should do a short sale or simply file for bankruptcy with my  

Saint Petersburg



Well, if it was me I would do a Short Sale anytime over a bankruptcy and depending on the outcome of the short sale you might not even need to file for bankruptcy anymore.

See, it doesn’t have to be the one or the other.  
Of course, if you get your advice from a bankruptcy lawyer, there is a very high possibility that they recommend a bankruptcy because they will not get paid if you don’t.  

Please keep this in mind when you make a decision. We always recommend talking to a Saint Petersburg Short Sale Realtor before making any decision.

Ask all you questions, talk about your options, understand the Short Sale process and only then can you make an educated decision.

A Short Sale is not a walk in the park but it is not a horror story either.
We have had a lot of clients over the last few years that were every scared about their Saint Petersburg Short Sale but in the end they all said that it was easier than they thought and all were happy that we helped them through this tough time.


Call us today 727 410 7777 and make an appointment, you will see how much better you already feel after talking to a professional that knows the Saint Petersburg real estate market and that knows Short sales.
Saint Petersburg Short Sales | should I do a Bankruptcy or Short Sale.

St. Petersburg Short Sales | can I switch my boat slip?

We recently had a Short sale listing in St. Petersburg that had a deeded boat slip.


Our seller got approached by another condo owner that also had a boat slip but much smaller. He asked our Short Sale seller if it was ok to switch boat slips since the seller would not be needing it anymore after the sale.

As you might know Boat slips in St. Petersburg   are very thought after and the bigger the better. Not really thinking about it too much and being all occupied with getting his paperwork for his Treasure Island Short sale together, our seller said ok, why not.

We (the Short sale listing agents) did not know anything about this till we got a phone call from yet another condo owner in the complex.
That guy was complaining about us advertising a Short Sale in St. Petersburg with a huge deep water boat slip when that wasn’t true anymore. As you can imagine, we were very puzzled and had no idea what he was talking about.

Took us a whole day and about 20 phone calls to straighten this situation out. So, please if you are thinking about doing a Short Sale here in St. Petersburg   and you have a boat slip that is deeded to the property PLEASE do not make any deals with your neighbors or anybody other that the buyer of you Short Sale listing.  

Trust me, you cannot simply “detach” a deeded boat slip. In a Short Sale situation you need the bank approval for pretty much everything you do.



You can take out or sell NONE deeded or none attached items like furniture or potted plants but no boat slip. And that is true for all Short Sales, not only the St. Petersburg Short Sales.  St. Petersburg Short Sales | can I switch my boat slip?

St. Petersburg Short Sales | is the real estate market bouncing back.
We really do not know how to say this without sounding negative. For the last couple of days we have hear and read and seen on TV that
  • St. Petersburg real estate market is bouncing back”
  • St. Petersburg properties see an increase in value”  
  • St. Petersburg properties see an increase in buyer’s activity”
  • St. Petersburg real estate statistics show an upward curve”
  • St. Petersburg homes sell in a shorter period of time than last year”  
  • St. PetersburgShort Sale rate is lower than last quarter”

     and on goes the list.  

As a consumer | seller that must sound like the best news you have heard in 5 years and you are already seeing your property values coming back where they were in 2006 and 2007.

As  Realtors working in St. Petersburg and also doing a lot of Short Sales we are way more skeptic.

Yes, I personally believe that there are some good signs about the St. Petersburg real estate market but not nearly enough to jump up and down.

We see new Short Sales listings come on the market every week, we see Bank owned properties advertised for rock bottom prices.
We are just afraid that this euphoria about “everything looks good again” will mislead sellers that are thinking about listing their home as a Short Sale.

How much value has your house or condo lost over the last 5 years?  
Do you really think that prices will just jump up again within month and all your problems will go away?

Sorry guys, we  hate to be the one that bring you the bad news but it will take years and years for our prices to bounce back. It takes more than a few “good signs”.

America’s and the world’s economy have to get much stronger for people to have enough money to buy at 2007 prices.
So, please if you are thinking about doing a Short Sale here in St. Petersburg , pick up the phone and call us 727 410 7777. Let’s talk about your situation and your options.
Do not waste anymore time by WAITING.
St. Petersburg Short Sales | is the real estate market bouncing back.